CARE...  Our client's quality of life is a high priority so we take the time to make sure that you are insulated from the challenges of living through a renovation.  Demolitions are done surgically and cleanly.  We spend time to contain and control dust.  If there are children on the property we make sure when we leave the site that curious fingers are well protected from dangerous tools or sharp protrusions.

Finn-Port Construction is a small, determined residential construction firm that delivers quality and value to clients.  Our standards are high from start to finish.  When we walk onto your property we have a clear plan that allows us to complete our work as quickly and as efficiently as possible.  Thorough planning and strategic execution result in precision workmanship and efficient use of capital.

MATERIALS...  While we follow each plan for material specifications, we choose materials carefully. We use only #1 select kiln-dried lumber and grade each piece for knots and straightness.  Less expensive wet lumber can take up to a year to fully dry allowing mold to grow inside walls.  All of the screws we use from framing to finish are structural grade.  We use only formaldehyde-free insulation and are always researching and implementing the latest green building materials and practices.


RESULTS...   Finn-Port's work has been featured in home and style publications and we have been chosen to build the personal homes of architects and celebrities.  We think the results speak for themselves.  As a boutique home builder we take pride in our work and get satisfaction from knowing that quality makes life better.

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